Clicker heroes 2 русский язык

Clicker heroes 2 русский язык

Welcome to this guide, I’ll warn you now, there is a lot in this game to talk about. I don’t know everything about every mechanic, so I will update this guide as I learn more. Also, this is my first time every trying to make a guide, so feedback will be appreciated.

This guide is split into a few sections:

The following sections are for the very beginning of the game. This includes how equipment works, and introduction into the skill and automator tree, as well as a few basic automator setups. These sections are focused for players that are still on World 1-1.

To start off, you need to understand how to get stronger, otherwise, you’ll be stuck on the same monsters forever. Like other clicker games, money and attack power reaches absurd scales, and you’ll be dealing with numbers like 4.529e78. Each monster you kill drops gold, this is the main method of gaining gold. You can use this gold to buy your first weapon.

As you can see there are three values shown when buying equipment. Inside the button is the price and cost. To the left of the button is a stat bonus. These are random, but give useful boosts to your character. As you buy more items, you will eventually have four options. When you buy new tier equipment, you can add another bonus onto it or «reroll» all the previous bonuses you received. The cost is always the same between options, but from time to time, they will have different attack powers based on their bonuses.

Here is an example of four options, the top three have unique bonuses and the fourth is a random. Some of them have different attack powers.

Generally, the best bonus to go for is haste because it speeds up just about everything. The global cooldown speed, skill cooldown speed, and autoattack speed are all dependent on haste. Which bonuses work best for you depends on your style. Personally, I aim for haste, mana regen, total mana, and total energy to get the most out of my clickstorm and energize. Click and auto attack damage are also useful as well as gold received. What bonuses you want will be something you figure out better as you build up your skill tree and automator.

This is an area that people have a lot of differing opinions on, I’m not saying they are wrong, but here is another way to look at it.

From what I’ve seen, people find that upgrading your equipment to level 10 is as far as you should go. I looked into it a little, and it is true that going beyond ten is less cost efficient, except for when you hit 50 or 100. In fact, you get the most damage for your money at level 50. Here is a chart that I put together in Excel (all of the numbers are for the wood weapon):

Note: the cost is the cost to buy 10x to get from the previous level to the current.

Others say to upgrade so that your newest piece of equipment is level 10, the second is level 20, third is level 30, and so on, creating a 80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 pattern. However, newer equipment quickly overpowers the older stuff, to the point where it is entirely useless to upgrade your older items.

So, I guess, in conclusion, it is best to get each piece of equipment to level 50, because that is when you get the most damage for the cost.

By now you probably have leveled up at least once while figuring out the armor. A new tab labelled the «level graph» should have popped up. When you open you are introduced to a massive skill tree. It can seem daunting, but I’ll try to give tips on how it works, what you should get, and some builds you can make out of it.

You start just to the right of the center, in the little spiral. You are are forced to grab the four skills there and the fifth atuomator one before you can branch out. This will set you up with Big Clicks, Energize, MultiClick, Clickstorm, and two automator points to use in the automator tree. I’ll get to the automator tree next section.

From there, there are four different directions you can go to, each corner. The four sections do not connect anywhere except for the center, so keep that in mind when trying to decide where to branch out. I usually head straight down and to the right to grab as many haste nodes as I can, after that I go for small clicks, expandable small clicks, and flurry. I’ll explain the skill upgrades later in this guide.

When looking for where a specific node is, you can use the search button. This lets you type in text and it will highlight any nodes that have that text in the title or description. This is helpful because you can look up «total energy» and all nodes that have anything to do with it will appear, not just ones named that. Below the search button, there is a zoom in and out button as well as a recenter button at the bottom. There is also a button that says «Ascend» in the bottom right, but that will be explained later on.

This section will be about the basic layout of the automator tree, how the automator works, and how to set up a good automator.

The automator has changed a lot since the last update, mostly in the tree. It now branches into six different sections, each one having a different sort of category. Going clockwise from the top, it goes as follows: buy gems; timing stuff (40s, pause, zone start, etc); energize/managize and energy/mana %; automator speed and sets; big clicks, huge click, and juggernaut; and powersurge and all the different forms of clickstorm. Since the tree branches out like this, it makes it really easy to find what you want, and get it quickly.

You can get nodes from the skill tree that give you two automator points. These can then be spent on the automator tree to get stones and gems. Stones are the conditions that need to be met in order for a gem to activate. The gems are various actions that can be performed. Like with the skill tree, I will not go over each one because of how many and how similar they are, but I suggest you check them out.

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The automator is where these stones and gems are put together. In order to unlock it, you have to buy the first node in the automator tree. This will unlock a new tab with a gear symbol. A few stones and gems are given to you immediately. A 4 and 10 second cooldown stone, a click gem, a muticlick gem, and a big clicks gem.

Even these are enough to set up a basic automator like the one to the right. In order make one, you drag the stones and gems into the corresponding slot. In this example, the automator will activate big clicks every four seconds (plus the delay the automator has). Every 10 seconds, mulitclick will activate, consuming the big clicks. Now you have your first automator setup!

The power button in the top left lets you enable or disable the automator. There is also a search button, like in the skill and automator trees, that lets you filter through your gems and stones. If you click on the green box that says «Set 1», you can rename it. Eventually, you can unlock more sets and there will be a «1», «2», «3», etc tab for you to choose from. Only one of these sets can be active at a time, the one you are currently looking at. However, you can use the next set and previous set gems to automatically switch between them. As you buy more stones and gems, you will be able to automate clickstorm, energize, and more, to create a better offline machine.

Unfortunately, this is about as much as I know. It is generally a good idea to stick to monsters near your level to get a good amount of xp.

At some point, you will start collecting a second currency called rubies. You will also unlock a little shopping cart icon to the right of the screen. When you click on it, the Ruby Shop pops up.

The Ruby Shop lets you purchase different items for rubies. These items can give you gold, ethereal items, haste, and Ancient Shards. I will go over all of the items and which ones to try and buy. Once you really start grinding through worlds, rubies are not going to be an issue. On my main save, I’m at World 3-1, and have nearly 12,000 rubies. You can randomly get a ruby or two from normal monsters, but each boss (zones 25, 50, 75, 100) gives you rubies (usually 25, I think). During these boss zones though, you cannot access the Ruby Shop.

The Ruby Shop restocks every 25 minutes, presenting you with three items you can purchase. The top two can only be bought once, until the shop restocks again. The bottom one can be purchased several times, but they are usually not very useful. The top slot is where any «rare» items go. This includes automator points, ethereal items, Ancient Shards, and Empyrean Motes. Empyrean Motes are a part of transcension, and only appear once every 15 days, so don’t worry about them for now. If you do happen to come across one though, make sure you buy it if you have enough rubies.

The middle slot is for «uncommon» items. These include metal detectors, speed runes, and power runes (I might have missed some). If no rare item is picked to be in stock, two uncommon items are picked instead, so you can get an uncommon item in the top and middle slot.

The bottom slot is always for «common» items. This is either a bag of gold or magical brew. They only cost one or two rubies to buy and can be bought several times, seemingly without running out of stock.

Ancient shards increase your damage for an entire star system, but they are a bit more permanent because if you go back to an old star system, you get the ones you bought in that system. All of the other items are really useful because they give points for the automator tree, stat bonuses, and let you transcend.

The following sections are for the middle parts of the game. These sections are intended for players who have beaten their first world and stretches all the way to after beating an entire Star System and ascending.

After beating the first world, you unlock a new tab labelled «Worlds.» Immediately, you are presented with an entire Star System, a set of 30 worlds. Each world has different values for item cost, monster health, and monster levels. If you click on a world that you have unlocked, you can view these things. Since the previous update, it seems the developers have seriously nerfed the world difficulty. Each world used to rarely go below 100% item cost, but now, even World 23 on my save is only 22% item cost. Monster health was also nerfed, but can reach higher values more often.

I did a little bit of research into how the monster health and item cost values are determined, and I found something interesting. The values are not at all random, they actually get increasingly difficult when combined. Time for another table!

Two things first: don’t forget, these numbers are based on my save, they will be different, but should follow a similar world difficulty pattern. Also, the world difficulty is just the monster health multiplied by the item cost, then dividing by 10000 to keep the numbers small.

As you can see (hopefully), the world difficulty only increases. This is even true between the worlds I put in the table. After the first Star System, the world difficulty starts to really ramp up. World 1-30 is around difficulty 6, but World 1-35 is nearly 20. This sudden jump is probably because of the boost that ascension would provide, since you unlock it after beating the first Star System.

The monster levels of a world follows a set pattern. The first world has levels 1-15. Every world after that is the next 5 levels (16-21, 21-26, 26-31, etc). The monster level affects the amount of xp you gain, so it is good to keep the monster level near your player level the best you can.

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The popup when you click on a world also shows the rewards for completing that world. You get 1 Etheral item, some world crumbs (this number changes), and 0.1 pending hero souls. World crumbs are used during ascension, and pending hero souls are involved in transcension. Towards the top left, you can see an icon with a number next to it. In the picture, it is 6. This is your ancient shard count. Ancient shards are something you can buy in the ruby shop. These shards only affect one star system, meaning if you were to move on the the next system, the number would be 0. However, the number of shards is saved, so if you were to return to Star System #1, you would still have the ones you bought in the first system.

After beating your first world, you will have received an ethereal item. This will open a new tab that allows you to equip ethereal items. There are eight slots, one for each type of equipment. In the middle, there is an area for the ethereal items you don’t have equipped. I prefer to dedicate each row to one type of item, since the storage area happens to be eight slots tall. At the very bottom, there is a single slot with a sell button next to it. If you place a piece of equipment into here and press the button, you get 50 rubies.

After completing an entire Star System, you are rewarded with 1 Starfire. Starfire is used to ascend. In the skill and automator tree tabs, there is a button that says «Ascend.» When you click it, you get a warning that says:

«Ascending will consume a Starfire and all of your World Crumbs to give you a damage bonus based on the number of World Crumbs consumed. Your skill tree will be reset, and you will lose the functionality of all flammable nodes.»

World crumbs are given after beating a world for the first time and the flammable nodes are all of the blue ones, plus the nodes that unlock skills (Mana Crit, Powersurge, etc). The damage boost you receive is exactly 10x the number of world crumbs you have when you ascend. If you look at your skill tree, you will see that although it reset, you have been given the first 5 nodes. In the automator tree, you have also been given the first one.

Ascension seems to be pretty buggy right now, because some of my saves have the ability to ascend without a Starfire, causing my Starfire count to go negative. Also, they keep any unspent skill points, even though there is a second warning that says «Unspent skill points will be lost on Ascension. Are you sure you want to ascend?» It is understandable that it is still buggy since ascension was just introduced, but keep these bugs in mind when ascending.

The way flammable or nonflammable nodes works is that the effect of any nonflammable nodes are kept. For example, I grabbed every haste node before ascending, so my haste stat was at 3.65 levels. After ascending, I keep this and can add even more haste when I re-buy the nodes. Flammable nodes work the opposite way, if you ascend, the effects of any flammable nodes are lost. This can be annoying, because you have to repurchase nodes like synchrony and small clicks.

I don’t really know how long you should wait before ascending. I’ve only ascended once in a legit save, and I waited a while before doing so. I was at world 2-15, and the progress was getting so slow I decided to ascend. In the previous section (Worlds and Star Systems), I talked about how the «World Difficulty» increases. In the first Star System, it increases slowly, but it really starts to speed up in the second one. Because of this, it is good to ascend sooner than later so that the difficulty doesn’t get too hard without the damage boost. It is probably best for you to test different timings to ascend and see what works best for you.

Here, I will talk about a pretty simple, but effective automator. It doesn’t use some of the more unique skills like the clickstorm upgrades or discharge. Without ascending, I managed to get all the way to World 2-15 before this setup got too slow (It worked amazingly after ascending though). At that point, it was only earning a level every six hours or so, but in up to World 2-10 it worked amazingly, getting around two levels an hour.

I won’t go over how to get it much, this is more for people who know the automator well and have a lot of stones and gems already. There are two sets that you have to use: one for low mana and one for high mana. The skill tree needs a be a bit late game, but it’ll pay off. The important nodes to get are Limitless Big Clicks, Hecaton’s Echo, Flurry, Small Clicks, and Expandable Small Clicks (these seem to be broken in the new update though, so I don’t know if you actually need them). Other nodes that are helpful are Synchrony, and Killing Frenzy. I also recommend getting as many haste nodes as possible (I’ve been working towards getting every one).

Here is the full skill tree. I hope it helps, even though it’s hard to see. This one is slightly different than previous one because it has expanded towards more haste nodes. In this tree I am level 219.

Also, here are each quadrant of the skill tree, to make it a little bigger:
Top Left

This section is for players that are much later into their save. Transcendence is not unlocked for a while, so you will have to wait until the new tab appears. Transcension is pretty cool, but it really hurts. All progress you have made up to this point will be reset. This includes rubies, world completion, leveling up your character, the automator, ethereal items, all stat and trait bonuses, and any ascension damage boost. Your character is set back to World 1-1, at level 1, with absolutely nothing.

Eventually, you will unlock the (currently) final tab, labelled «Transcendence.» This is unlocked after you purchase your first Empyrean Mote from the Ruby Shop. There is a 24 hour wait before it will appear. This new tab is where you can view all of the transcendence upgrades, transcend, see how many Empyrean Motes you have, and when you can buy another one in the ruby shop. The only bonus you get from transcending is Hero Souls, another type of currency that can be used to upgrade the many options in the transcendence tab. At the top, you can see how many Hero Souls you have, how many Empyrean Motes you have, how many Hero Souls you will get when you ascend, and when the next Empyrean Mote will appear in the ruby shop. Pending Hero Souls are given to you after completing each world. You can see how many Pending Hero Souls you get from a world in the rewards part of the world info.

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You get more Hero Souls when you have more Empyrean Motes. There is a cap of how many Empyrean Motes you can get based on how many times you have transcended. The cap is:
10 + Transcension Level, and your transcension level is how many times you have transcended. Your first transcension has a cap of 10, the second: 11, the third: 12, and so on.

Each world in a Star System gives the same number of Pending Hero Souls (except for World 30, possibly), here is a little chart of the first few Star Systems.

These new values are about 1/10 of the old ones, so to get the same amount, you would want 10 Empyrean Motes. I am pretty sure that completing a Star System gives you hero souls too, because I was testing more exactly how many hero souls each World gives, and Star System 1 totaled to be 0.33 per World, much more than the 0.01 the game says you get. Also, the tooltip that pops up when you hover over the transcend button says «Pending Hero Souls are gained each time you beat a new World or Star System.»

Before I tell you what I did with my first Hero Souls, my first transcension was in a different version, where it worked pretty differently. I probably got a lot less Hero Souls to spend, so you may be able to get much more.

I don’t know what the best method for buying upgrades is, but this is what I did: I got two levels of improved ascension and then put the rest of the points into nodes that I either get a lot of (like haste) or go for, but there aren’t that many of (like decreased item cost). This is nice because it boosts the nodes I get a lot of and the ones that are really useful, but uncommon. My first transcension was after beating Star System 3 and managed to get a total of 8 upgrades.

Before going to the discord, I do not have any role in it, and I cannot say anything about how people are going to act. Please don’t get mad at me if something happens to you on discord. Here is a link to join:

This is the discord for both Clicker Heroes and Clicker Heroes 2, so there are a lot of text channels you won’t really use if you only play the second one.

This one isn’t that important, but with some of the testing I’ve been doing, I’d get a lot of «Helpful Adventurer #» saves. I figured out how to delete saves and edit their names to clear some of the clutter.

I use windows, and I don’t know other computer types very well, so I cannot explain this for other computer types. Please comment if its the same or what steps you have to take.

First, you want to go to the windows search bar. You can easily do this by pressing the windows key on your keyboard or by clicking the search area to the left of the taskbar. In here you are going to type %appdata%. This will open up the file explorer and bring you to appdata>roaming. In here you should find a folder named ClickerHeroes2. Open this and go to Local Store>saves. This is where all of the saves are stored.

All you need to do to rename a save is rename the folders. To do that you click a folder, wait a second, and click it again. It can be difficult to figure out which save is which, so I recommend naming them random words before you actually name them. If you want to delete a save, simply delete the folder. If you want to make a copy of the save, click a folder once, press Ctrl + c and then Ctrl + v.

That’s pretty much it. You can open up the save file, which will bring you to a bunch of gibberish. I don’t recommend changing anything inside the save though, because it could mess things up.

I’m a bit hesitant to add this one, because using the console can really destroy the fun of the game. I do not recommend using it in any save that you want to be a normal save. I only use it to test things in new worlds. Some commands do affect all saves though, so use the console at your own risk.

You can open the console by pressing the tilda (

) key. I’m not entirely sure if you need to do this to unlock the console because I didn’t try using it before hand, but you might have to type in: unlockConsole playsaurus4321. After doing so, you should have access to the console.

add (item) (number)- typing add with something after it (gold, mana, ruby, or even soul) and then a number will give you that many of that item. This is useful to quickly get enough gold to upgrade an item, or add some hero souls to mess around with the transcendence upgrades. To add large amounts, you can do the following: (number)e+(number). For example 2e+3. This equals 2000 because the first number is two, and the second number three, meaning that there it is 2 with three zeros after it. If you add 1e+1000 it says «added Infinity. » and it actually seems to never run out, so that’s a great way to get lots of something.

These are all the people that improve my guide by helping me with information I couldn’t find.


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